You’ve had money struggles your whole life.  You may be repeating the same patterns you saw growing up that you swore you never would.  It seems like every time you take one step forward, you get knocked back 5 and you are tired of struggling.  You want to feel normal around money.  You want to have lots of money.  You want the anxiety, stress and nervousness around money to go away…for good.  You are ready to take control of this and heal so that you can create a brand new paradigm for your family and generations to come.
You want to heal your relationship with money for good, and you want support in making that happen.  You may feel like you’ve done “all of the things” already and may be skeptical that it’s even possible at this point for you to achieve your goals and not burn yourself out in the process.  And that is exactly why I believe the Universe brought you here.

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Let me show you how to implement an EASY system that will help you reinvent your relationship with money….for good. 
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I’m Rebekah. 

I was just a girl from a poor city, raised by a single mother of 7 kids - who repeated that cycle and became a poor young mom at 18 myself. 


Growing up, I had absolutely no path out of the poverty I found myself in and I thought that all you did was go to school, go to work for someone for 30+ years, live paycheck to paycheck along the way, then retire and die.  


I found myself at 18 years old, starting to work a job in banking with a young baby at home - and that’s when the hamster wheel of life began. 


I never imagined being able to live the life I live today.  


Back in 2010 when I met my mentor is one the most profound days of my life. He saw more in me than I saw in myself and he helped me to establish a plan to get where I wanted to be.  Because of him, I am where I am today and this is when I realize the power of the mentor. I realize that having someone come alongside you to put you under their wing and show you the Way is one of the most impactful and powerful things you could ever imagine possible. That is exactly why I'm here today.  I want to help as many women as possible to do the same thing.  Heal their lack mindset around money, understand how the nervous system plays a HUGE part in why they’re still feeling stuck.  And change the trajectory of their family’s financial future for good.

“I more than doubled my income while working way LESS”