Rise to Riches with Rebekah

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Ready to heal your relationship with money for good?

The only 5 steps you'll ever need...

My trademarked 5 step process The A.L.I.G.N. Method®️ coupled with my Quantum Accelerator System is THE #1 most powerful & proven process to reinvent your relationship with money and become The Wildly Wealthy Woman you so desire.


Pillar #1️⃣ We will cultivate AWARNESS to discover what's holding you back from your next level wealth.

Pillar #2️⃣ We will LET GO of these energetic blocks that are keeping you small.

Pillar #3️⃣ We will IDENTIFY the shifts that need to be made so that we can embody your Highest Self.

Pillar #4️⃣ We will GET INTO INPSPIRED ACTION together, we will create a customized plan to achieve your life & money goals without the burnout.

Pillar #5️⃣We will NORMALIZE & STABILIZE this new reality so that it is protected from self sabotage.  

The Rise to Riches Roadmap is a no fluff, step-by-step high touch environment where you will NOT get "lost in the crowd" or feel like you're just another number.  You will get 1:1 frequent feedback, ACTUAL strategies that are custom to YOU and real time guidance from a coach with 17 years experience helping people reach their financial goals.  We will work together to heal your relationship with money on all 4 bodies (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical) and implement your Energetic Money Management System so that you truly walk away embodying The Wildly Wealthy Woman and magnetizing your desires.  *There is NO WAY you won't get results as I have structured this program with no way to fail.*

👉 A 17 year extensive track record of helping people achieve their financial goals!

👉 I have overcome extreme poverty from my childhood and retired from my corporate job at 32 after being a single mom for 10+ years!

👉 I created The Quantum Accelerator System, the most powerful 5 step, simple and complete process for reinventing your relationship with money, releasing what is holding you back, and magnetizing the money you desire that exists in the industry. 

👉 I am a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, a High Performance Coach, a Trauma Informed Money Coach, Channel, Spiritual Advisor & currently studying for my Human Design Certification.

👉 And... I am COMMITED to helping you achieve your goals and changing your life.  Period.  I have BOTH 1-1 and group offers to help you make your dream a reality and fit any budget.  Apply today to see if we're a good fit.

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