What women are saying about working w/ Rebekah

"I doubled my income in just 4 weeks!"

Vivi Jonsson- Boulogne, PIlates Instructor.

What if this were your story?

“I have more than 10x'ed my income since working with Rebekah!”

After going through her process, I just feel so light and free. Money has already begun to come to me from a place of ease, knowing that I am worthy.  I just had my biggest month EVER and have continued to reach new heights. All the abundance blocks are gone and anything is possible! It's like magic!


I've been practicing fully accepting and loving the free time I have AS I ATTRACT all this money into my biz while I'm doing LESS.


"Anything is possible for me now"

Check out what past students are saying about working with Rebekah. The Rise to Riches Program includes ALL of the content from the former "Money Mindset Mastery" program along with even MORE coaching and support this time!



“I went from having anxiety around spending money to realizing that all things are possible for me now"

I had a hard time letting go, I felt guilty for purchasing things for myself. I didn't realize these things until I joined Money Mindset Mastery. My biggest takeaway was helping me to develop the confidence to realize that all things are possible for me. It gave me the courage to move to Florida and money is flowing to me like never before. I have had an amazing, amazing experience with this program. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.


"Before I went through Money Mindset Mastery, I was really in a bad relationship with money. I felt undeserving of it. I had high anxiety, paying bills or buying things. I felt guilty purchasing things for myself."


"Now I have confidence and what I deserve and helped me overcome a lot of anxiety I had with spending money and I see all things are possible for me now."

And then there is Keara Climer Who took her Money Mindset...


"Before this course, I was in a place where I was confused and conflicted and my emotions were just everywhere because I still had those subconscious views and values that were affecting my life."


"I've learned so many mind-blowing things! Learning about your subconscious mind and paying attention to what you're putting to your mind. It did not only helped me with financial matters, rather, it helped me in all areas in my life. You're going to want to use this knowledge forever. I am now getting my highest paid gigs ever."

“I went into this process holding onto baggage, limiting beliefs & stories around money that were holding me back more than I ever knew! I would definitely recommend Rebekah for anyone looking to let go of limiting beliefs and feel empowered to take control of their finances and career! I left feeling totally congruent & ready to achieve the wealth and success I desire!”

Rebekah is one of the best people I have ever met. I love her patience and how she explains everything. After doing the release work with Rebekah I feel like a completely new person. I released so much and it has transformed my life. Thank you so much. I can't even begin to explain how thankful and grateful I am for these calls. 

Ofer Tzabar

"So you know when you're listening to your favorite guru and you're looking for that one nugget that is going to blow your mind?  Rebekah does that every single week. I found myself getting those breakthrough knowing that abundance is all around us.  Rebekah is the real deal, 150000% and I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to unzip your soul and reach each to show you that life is amazing and money is limitless."


"When we met, I had no clear direction and felt like I was chasing after 50 things. Her ability to allow you see your own power, get clear on your values, hold a mirror, and tap back into yourself is a true gift. I wanted true transformation, and that's exactly what she's been able to help me unlock. "




And Don't Just Take It From Me, Check out These TransformationsOthers Are Having!

"Having this extensive training really makes your entire experience with Rebekah take on a unique and empowering journey of personal growth!"

"Rebekah is a true gift you need in your life! Her presence is a force to be reckon with. From the moment I met her, I felt incredibly blessed. Her ability to stay present and connect with you throughout conversation makes you feel like every interaction has a purpose for growth. Rebekah takes her personal experience and marries it with her extensive training in multiple levels of personal development. Having this extensive training really makes your entire experience with her take on a unique and empowering journey of personal growth. She not only can relate to you as a client (whatever stage you are at!), but gives you loving support as you move into the next level of who you are. Rebekah, thank you for being such a light in my life. I love learning through your experience and can’t wait to see more of the world experience your gifts!"

"It is your internal dialogue that changes your behavior."

“This wonderful lady has helped me understand that it is your internal dialogue that changes your behavior. Rewriting your story take time and perseverance in order to delete deep negative personal perceptions so that you can become the person you want to be. Thank you for much for the direction."

"I have absolutely loved my time working with Rebekah! My mind has been completely transformed around limiting beliefs and money."

Nothing is missed throughout the modules, it's jammed packed with mindset work, meditations, timeline therapy and quantum physics etc...it's all there and I have if for life.
 I was cussioned and taken care of while I opened up my business. I was able to ask questions around the clock and got valuable advice every time. I've been able to fugure out what I want and I've gained such clarity and valuable knowledge.
I highly recommend the beautiful Rebekah to anyone wanting love, support and understanding. Shes a wonderful friend and coach."  

Lydia Fleur

“Rebekah breaks down not only what it takes to create a success mindset"

"She gives you the psychology behind it so you can create great habits that help in my business too."

Derick Farris
Founder, The Parent's Fitness Coach

"Rebekah has single handedly been my biggest asset in becoming successful in life."

"It's no secret that if you put in the work you will see results and Rebekah has done exactly that. She has put countless hours into herself and her business and has grown into the most incredible high performance coach you can imagine."

Can you imagine what it would be like if you were free from the drama around money?

I had an interview for the biggest career role of my life this week, a salary jump that I want, big responsibility etc. I also started receiving money from the tax man and random refunds I never realised I'd asked for! Interview didn't feel aligned (or maybe that's my fear. I was terrified but did it anyway!) Now to see what happens...I am receiving!!

Natasha Liedl-McDowall Farris